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Paul Salveson Photography: Places, Trains and Factories

This is my on-line photographic gallery, with a mix of images going back to the 1960s. Back then I ahd the sense, and opportunity, to photograph the end of BR steam in Lancashire, as well as photographing the dwindling number of working

This is me outside Ribblehead station in April 1966, taken by my friend Steve Leyland. We had travelled up from Skipton behind 70050 on the morning stopper. We were able to get back to Blackburn in the cab of Kingmoor ‘9F’ 92076 on the Long Meg – Widnes anhydrite train. Wonderful!

mills and collieries. After steam finished, I managed to hitch-hike around Britain photographing industrial steam and occasionally getting across to Northern Ireland, or the continent, to capture the last of steam in those countries.

This is the earliest picture of me with a locomotive, taken by my dad in 1960. The location is Carlisle and the A4 has just arrived with a train from Edinburgh via ‘The Waverley Route’









So enjoy these pictures – and feel free to comment. My publishing website is at http://lancashireloominary.co.uk/ and features my published books as well as my second-hand books for sale.

92076 heads north out of the loop at Blea Moor on the same day at Ribblehead and Blea Moor. One of my best shots, inspired by the work of John Clarke. Not bad for a 13 year old.